Where has my Outrun gone?

by: Jeremy -
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Sadly, gamers will find that Sega’s most recent remake OutRun Online Arcade for the PlayStation Network is no longer available... and the Xbox Live Arcade version will be disappearing eventually as well. The game, which launched in April 2009 is one of the better modern-takes on a classic title and was pretty well received by the gaming media. Personally, I absolutely loved the title and still play it on occasion for a quick-fix. Unfortunately though, Sega has been forced to pull the title from both digital outlets.

The reasoning behind the decision or requirement to pull the title is being cited as an expiration of Sega’s contractual agreement with Ferrari. The reasoning / explanation shows some serious “short sidedness” on the behalf of Sega’s legal team; how exactly do you make a game with such a brief licensing agreement and one that would require you to halt the sale of your game at its conclusion?

The Xbox Live Arcade version will reportedly remain available until sometime in December 2011 according to Sega’s official PR statement. Xbox owners will at least have another year to buy the title if they have not already, but PSN owners are completely out of luck. If you did purchase the title previously, it will still remain in your library to play as you wish...

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