When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die

by: Nathaniel -
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That is surely true in the fictional land of Westeros, but luckily for us gamers, if you play Atlus's Game of Thrones and lose, you wont die - probably.

And to make sure everyone wants to play it, Atlus today released some new screen shots and the PS3 and Xbox 360 box art for their upcoming A Song of Ice and Fire-based RPG Game of Thrones.

Atlus also wants everyone to know that the Game of Thrones Facebook page is now live, and that the Game of Thrones official website now has a complete "Castlewood" section.

Castlewood is a brand new location created exclusively for Atlus's Game of Thrones.  It's the seat of House Harlton.  Nestled in the Riverlands, House Harlton swears fealty to the Tullys of Riverrun.  However, during Robert's Rebellion, House Harlton remained loyal to the Targaryens.  For that, Lord Harlton lost his head.  Now his brother, Arwood Harlton, is lord of Castlewood. You can read more about Castlewood, The Wall, and Riverspring at www.gameofthrones-thegame.com.

Game of Thrones is set for release on May 15th.

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