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When a Sonic game isn't a Sonic Team game...

by: Jeremy -
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Finally, after years of pleading and begging from the die hard fans, the Sonic the Hedgehog series is going back to its 2-dimensional roots with Sonic the Hedgehog 4. The scary thing about it is, according to the news hitting the net today, that it isn't happening because of the efforts of the same development team that brought us the original 2D games in the first place. Instead, thanks to a listing on the Xbox Live Marketplace, we now know that the new 2D version of Sonic the Hedghog 4 is being developed by Dimps rather than Sega's famed Sonic Team.

Many people are noting this news to be a good thing... a really, really good thing. Dimps is credited with creating the last good Sonic games, namely the Sonic Rush series. The company is also noted for delivering the excellent home versions of Street Fighter IV last year. The hype and expectation for the new game continues to grow as we edge closer and closer to its release this summer... and this news only adds to that...

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