What's this? It's PDP's Headbanger Headset for the Wii.

by: Chad -
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We've received an image of the new Headbanger Headset from PDP.  It's obviously designed to facilitate online multiplayer gaming and will enable gamers to send voice messages and chat online.  Conduit 2 is one of the first titles that will support it, but I imagine Monster Hunter Tri would benefit from this as well.  

No word yet on pricing or if there will be a wireless version, but it is set for release in Fall 2010.

Following yesterday’s news announcing PDP’s Headbanger® Headset for the Wii™, below please find a link to the image of the online chat headset, set to be released Fall 2010. 
The Headbanger® Headset is designed to optimize communications during Wii online gaming sessions.  When used with Wii games that support voice chat, players will be able to send voice messages, converse online, and talk simultaneously in real time.  One of the first titles to support the new headset is Sega’s Conduit 2, a science fiction military FPS with co-op and competitive online multi-player game play.