What's that mysterious package? Why, it's my very own copy of Dragon Age for the PS3!

by: Tina -
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After a long day at the office, I come home to a VERY pleasant surprise from the PR reps who handle Dragon Age: Origins. Fortunately videos were not taken of my utter excitement as my inner girly nature briefly revealed itself, but I did capture my mother's excitement over the blood of the blight that I was offered in my initiation for becoming a Grey Warden (again). You probably can't understand her second comment (unless you speak Farsi) but she's saying, "Look how red it is! So bloody!" or something to that effect. As you probably know, you have to drink the blood to be able to sense the blight, which is a talent known only to Grey Wardens. Check the pictures for the full contents of the package. Now to go overheat my PS3 with some Grey Warden business.

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