What's happening this weekend with ME3's multiplayer?

by: Nathaniel -
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Did you guys get your N7 Commendation Pack  and Victory Pack for last week's incredibly succesful Operation Goliath?  I got mine (An N7 Valiant sniper rifle that's just perfect for my Salarian Engineer along with a Mattock rifle and an M-6 Carnifex pistol), and had a lot of fun in the process.  

This weekend BioWare is offering Mass Effect 3 players a chance to score a 25% expirience bonus for the entire weekend, and you're elible no matter what map, enemy type, difficulty or platform you choose.  It's called Operation: Fortress and it runs all weekend from 5pm PST on Friday, March 23 (that's today) until 5am PST on Monday, March 26.  

Now's your chance to finally hit level 20 with your favorite character, or quickly build up many new ones.  

Once again, I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

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