What's happening on Direct2Drive tonight?

by: Chad -
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There is a post on the Direct2Drive Blog that states something big is happening tonight.  Here's a link to the announcement page.  If you are feeling lazy, here's the important part: "Tonight we have a very unique promotion that has never been done by a digital distributor going live."

I was wondering what it could be when I went over to the Direct2Drive site.  The banner at the top says "Lowest Price Match Guaranteed!"  That seems pretty new and "never been done by a digital distributor" to me.  Clicking on the banner affords the details in the image below.  There are more restrictions (read them here) and the price match is only on individual games from Gamestop.com, GamersGate.com, and Steampowered.com.  

I guess D2D knows who their competition is.  Do you think this is the big announcement?

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