What is “DD”?

by: Jeremy -
More On: Dragon's Dogma
Capcom has opened a teaser site for something called “DD”. The site, housed on Capcom’s official Japanese website, features a countdown clock which will expire next Wednesday (Japanese time). What could this be referring to?

Most of the reports around the web are referencing a trademark filing Siliconera discovered by Capcom from last August alongside the trademark for Asura’s Wrath. The other trademark was for something titled Dragon’s Dogma. In the months since that discovery, Asura’s Wrath has been revealed to the public but Dragon’s Dogma still remains shrouded in mystery. Who knows, maybe those in attendance at this year’s Captivate Media Event in Miami are learning a little something about this project as we speak as the presentations kicked off at the event this morning. The embargo for everything revealed at the event remains in effect until next Monday, at which time there will surely be an avalanche of Capcom related news...

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