What is WWE Brawl?

by: Jeremy -
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THQ and the WWE are looking to bring gamers more than just the annual update to their core series, formerly Smackdown vs. Raw and now WWE ‘12. The recent release of WWE All Stars was just the first of what appears to be a new direction for the WWE license. Recently, it was revealed that THQ was working on yet another over-the-top title using the WWE brand and that game is WWE Brawl.

The game, which is currently in development for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii presents the WWE Universe in a fashion similar to the classic Rock N Wrestling cartoons from the early 1980‘s. It was revealed during a business summit with the WWE and its various partners back in April and footage eventually made its way online and was discovered by Gamespot.

All of the characters in the game are exaggerated and outlandish, even more than their real-life counterparts, as the WWE All Stars influence is immediately noticeable. The characters have outlandish super moves and abilities which make them more akin to superheroes than grapplers. It looks a lot like a melee / fighting game than a wrestler, drawing many comparisons to the Smash Bros. series by many gamers online. There are trailers floating around the internet for the game, but they have all been leaked and have not been officially released by THQ, therefore I will not post them here.

Hopefully THQ will release some official details on the project soon and we can find out exactly what the game is truly about...

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