What happens in space... doesn't stay there. Saints Row IV dev diary #2 released

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Saints Row IV is almost here and today Deep Silver and Volition released a brand new developer diary showing off more of what you can expect in the game and get some insight into the devs thought process as they were making the game. 

In this new developer diary video, Terry Crews (the voice of Ben King) and Troy Baker (The voice of default male player voice) give their thoughts on the new game and how the new virtual reality Steelport gives them the ability to do crazier things than ever before. Thanks to the fact that you are now in a virtual world, nothing was out of bounds in this game. 

We all get an in depth explanation of the story this time around. The story of Saints Row IV involves the leader of the Saints becoming the President of the United States of America. Unfortunately for America, the evil Zinyak, leader of the Zin decides to stop by earth and blow everyone away in the process. It's now up to the leader of the Saints to save his homies and the entire planet from the invasion. 

If you can't wait to create your custom player, you can download the Inauguration Station now on PC and Xbox 360. The Inauguration Stattion allows you to create the President Of The United Sates now and then import them into the game when its released in a little over a week. 

If you missed it, be sure to also check out the first developer diary that was released a few days ago. 

Saints Row IV releases on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on August 20th.
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