What happens in Vegas, happens because Intel "Sabotages" you

by: Ben Berry -
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Viral marketing campaigns sometimes pick up tons of steam on their own, others need a little push. I mean with the whole world going on, who is going to notice a single facebook page called The Saboteur? It's understandable that a trivia game about an upcoming WWII game hiding in the middle of Facebook might go unnoticed. Even a great contest that offers prizes like copies of The Saboteur, Intel I7's, and even a trip to Vegas with a gift card to the coolest shooting range in the world (The Gun Store) might not have gotten a ton of notice.

Just to make sure everyone gets the message that time is running out, a release was issued today reminding folks that the contest ends 5/31/10.

Anyways, now the word is out that the game is there to play and the contest to enter. You can play the game or just enter the sweepstakes directly to win at The Saboteur Facebook page.

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