What does Ubi have planned?

by: Sean Colleli -
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Ubisoft has a lot of highly anticipated games coming out this year, many in the first quarter. Gamerzines, however, is more interested in what Ubi isn't talking about. In this article they make some educated guesses on what Ubi has planned. A new Rabbids game is an easy assumption after the success of Rabbids Go Home, and a H.A.W.X. sequel is likely. More intriguing is a resurrection for Rayman without those Rabbids stealing his spotlight, and everyone wants the long-fabled Beyond Good and Evil 2.

The article does some good speculating but I'm pretty happy with what Ubi is putting out right now. They had consistently good releases all last year, and were particularly good to Nintendo fans during a relatively light holiday season. I really enjoyed COP The Recruit and I'm still getting over my Might and Magic Clash of Heroes dependency. We just got No More Heroes 2 and Red Steel 2 isn't far off either. As a Nintendo fan I'm really looking forward to Red Steel 2, but I'm also interested in that new Prince of Persia--they haven't said much about it and I can't wait to play in the sands trilogy again.
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