What are the most popular Ravnica guilds?

by: Jeremy -
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We aren’t just about video games here at Gaming Nexus, we love games of all sorts. As you may have seen with our various Unplugged articles, this includes Magic the Gathering. With last week’s release of the Gatecrash set for Magic the Gathering, all ten guilds of Ravnica are now present in the MtG world (again). For months now, Wizards of the Coast has been asking fans of the collectible card game to pledge their allegiance to the guild of their choice since the new set launched back in October.

More than 75,000 MtG players have signed onto GuildsofRavnica.com and chosen a guild to represent at Magic events such as Friday Night Magic. Registering with one of the guilds allows players to pool together the various Planeswalker Points that they earn at officially sanctioned events, helping create a heirachy in the MtG world. The current standings for the guilds in terms of accumulated points stands as follows:
  1. Izzet
  2. Azorius
  3. Dimir
  4. Simic
  5. Golgari
  6. Selesnya
  7. Boros
  8. Orzhov
  9. Rakdos
  10. Gruul
There are still a few months left in the promotion so things can change at any time, especially when the next and final set in this block, Dragon’s Maze, launches in May.

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