What We're Playing This Weekend for March 22, 2013

by: Randy -
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SimCity mayors grabbed their free game from EA for surviving a difficult launch, Cogs tweeted more Gears of War tattoos at Cliff Bleszinski, and iOS'ers grabbed their rods and reels for some Ridiculous Fishing. 

What are you playing this weekend?

RUSSELL ARCHEY | Staff Writer | Twitter @neoscyther
For once, I'll actually not be playing Skyrim this weekend (even dragons need a rest from the constant beat downs). I do have a trio of games that I'm working on reviews for, including the latest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, HarmoKnight, and BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. The latter two are almost done for the most part, outside of actually completing the game, so I'll be spending most of my time in the next few days with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, with the rest of the weekend devoted to HarmoKnight.

SEAN CAHILL | Staff Writer | Twitter @seancahill2
Tomb Raider. I've finally managed to put other things on the shelf and give it my undivided attention. The game has an uncanny ability to really get under my skin in certain parts, but I find myself going back for more. I've been making it a point to unlock as much as I can on the first run before doing a 100 percent accuracy run after beating it for the first time.

NATHAN CARTER | Staff Writer | Twitter @natedoggcata
This weekend I will be playing lots of games. Too many to name, to be honest, because this weekend I will be heading off to PAX East in Boston. Be sure to follow me on twitter (@natedoggcata) to get updates live from the show floor. I will also be bringing my PS Vita will me to the show so in my downtime I am going to play some more Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, the amazing sequel to Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors which was an amazing game on the original DS as well. There are 24 endings in Virtue's Last Reward and I am about 20 hours into the game. I've only gotten five endings. This game is outstanding. 

SEAN COLLELI | Staff Writer
The girlfriend is busy pet-sitting this weekend, so that means less Killing Floor and Left 4 Dead multiplayer, and more reviewing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I've always felt a little guilty that I missed this one on the old Wii, but now that it's in HD with extra features...I guess he who laughs last laughs the most. I kind of like this strategy--wait awhile until a game's GOTY edition comes out with all the DLC on-disc. Sure I miss out on some big games during the first weeks, but considering my backlog is enormous as it is, and I avoid being nickled and dimed on the DLC, I think it's a fair trade off, at least for the few games I don't need to play on launch day.

CHARLES HUSEMANN | Editor-in-Chief | Twitter @chusemann
Probably a steady diet of MechWarrior Online again. They released a new patch this week with a brand spanking new map, new mech, and a bunch of control tweaks that are pretty solid. I unlocked my first elite level mech ability last week and hopefully will grind enough XP to earn one or two more. I'm somewhat tempted by Gears of War: Judgment, but I probably should be spending more time with the real world version of the dating game.

RANDY KALISTA | Staff Writer | Twitter @randykalista
I've established the SimCity township of Woodburn on the Giovanni Woods plot of the Viridian Woods. (Say "Woods" again.) Fellow Gaming Nexus staffers John Yan and Travis Huinker had broken ground previously with their ceremonial shovels on the oh-so-exclusive invite-only region, though Travis's city stressed him out and he flung a bunch of meteors at it. I'm ironing out details on how to specialize in mineral extraction. Apparently, no one likes living next to a mine shaft. Nobody tells me anything. At least John will breathe in all my pollution heading downwind towards him. Ha ha business!

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