What Dragon Age expansion has waiting for you: talking darkspawn

by: Tina -
More On: Dragon Age: Origins
We’ve had a few character reveals for the upcoming expansion on Dragon Age: Origins, but so far we’ve only heard about the good guys. It’s about time we face our fears and take a look at the enemies and what the darkspawn will be threatening us with next.

You thought they were just blundering idiots with big weapons and clad in heavy armor, right? Well the expansion – entitled Awakening – will soon prove you wrong. Muscles aren’t the only things the darkspawn are adept with; these particular new darkspawn are equipped with more of an IQ than the masses of grunts we’ve been privy to so far, most clearly indicated by their ability to communicate verbally. The Disciples, as they are called, are the commanders of the darkspawn.

Definitely sitting at the head of the table during dinner, the mysterious new darkspawn commanders pose a threat of organizing a formidable army against you…yet again. You can see what you’ll be up against down below with the screenshots and a short video glimpse at the commanders. And, of course, Oghren’s charming and brute-humor response to it all.

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