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One of the things I saw at the 2010 CES that really caught my eye was the Westinghouse edge-lit LED TV line. Specifically, the 26” (LD-2685) model which is being marketed toward gamers as an all-in-one gaming display solution. Forward to today and Westinghouse has announced that the LD-2685 will be showing up at retailers at the end of August. It will have an estimated MSRP of $379, which is excellent when you consider it is a full 1080p edge-lit LED TV with 2 HDMI inputs sporting a high-gloss black finish.  It is also very eco friendly because it exceeds the Energy Star 5.0 ratings that are not mandatory until 2012. Expect to hear more form us on this TV later this year.

The Westinghouse 26” 1080p LED Is The Ultimate
All-In-One Gaming Display

The LD-2685 Series Is The Most Affordable
Multi-functional LED HDTV In Its Class

Orange, CA – Westinghouse Digital is pleased to introduce the multi-functional LD-2685 series 26” 1080p LED HDTV as the latest addition to their LED line. The LD-2685 is the ultimate all-in-one, space-saving, HD television/gaming/computer display. At an estimated street price of $379, the set is ideal for any gamer looking to get top of the line picture quality at an extremely affordable price.

The set features an edge-lit LED system that provides a remarkably vivid picture, thanks to high contrast ratios, making it perfect for gaming. This outstanding gradient light ability results in extremely detailed color representation for a bright and beautiful picture. The LD-2685 features 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16x9 aspect ratio and has 2 HDMI, 1 Component and 1 VGA input. The LD-2685 combines sleek styling, extraordinary picture quality and industry-leading energy efficiency to set a new benchmark in LED HDTV value.

Rey Roque, Vice President of Marketing says, “We’re extremely excited to offer a 26” 1080p set at such an affordable price. The compact size and beautiful picture are the perfect complement to an Xbox 360 or PS3 and with extra HDMI/VGA inputs, can also be used as a computer monitor for PC/Mac gamers. The 1080p LD-2685 is the perfect option for dorm rooms or game rooms. We believe that the consumers will be pleased by the LD-2685’s range of capabilities.”

The LD-2685 is also gorgeous to look at. The unit boasts a sleek industrial design with a high-gloss black frame for a graceful, modern look. It’s only about one inch thick at the TV’s visible edges.

Continuing with Westinghouse Digital’s tradition of industry-leading energy efficiency for its TVs, the new LD-2685 is also extremely eco-friendly. The 26” LD-2685 exceeds Energy Star 5.0 ratings, which are slated to go into effect in 2012. Most consumers will be surprised to find that using a 45-watt light bulb will actually consume more electricity than the 26” LD-2685. The LED line packaging process is eco-efficient as well. The product box is made of recycled materials, is recyclable and uses soy based ink.

Westinghouse Digital’s new LED lineup combines the styling of the highest-end HDTVs with the dramatic performance benefits of advanced LED picture technology, all at values that are comparable to conventional LCD TV price points.

The LD-2685 will be available at retail in mid-August with an estimated street price of $379.
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