We'll be right back after these messages... (Best and worst of EA NHL commercials)

by: Ben Berry -
We're now just weeks away from the release of the NHL 2011 and less than a week away from the release of NHL Slapshot, and frankly the time is starting to drag until the release of the hockey games (and season). And with only a Wii offering from 2KSports NHL franchise, it's pretty clear EA's titles will again be the cream of the crop.

That's not to say though that everything EA has ever done is a good thing when it comes to hockey, including some of the advertising. The hockey blog Puck Daddy is one of the best hockey blogs on the web (I've mentioned this before), but they really dug up some old tape to put together a terrific run of ads, both old and new that show the best, and worst of what EA has done to get people to buy the game.

For the record, I believe PuckDaddy is right when he says that if they just "Showed the cover athlete, the release date, and the words 'You're Welcome'", it would save them money do everything they need it to do.
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