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Welcome to the Challenge Tower

by: Jeremy -
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With the rebirth of the fighting game genre has come a new feature prevelent in most modern fights: the tutorial mode. The new Mortal Kombat wants to take the concept of teaching players to play the game to a new level and they have designed what is being called the Challenge Tower.

The Challenge Tower presents the player with a lengthy series of challenges that tests their abilities within the game. These challenges cover a wide variety of aspects including basic fighting skills and matches to mini-games and insane challenges meant to push you to your limits within the game. The mode will also bring back the classic “Test your" challenges from the older MK games. Test Your Might, Test Your Sight, Test Your Strength, and the new Test Your Luck challenges. The mode was revealed in a short video interview with IGN, which you can find below.

In addition to revealing a lot about this new gameplay mode, the new video also gives some great looks at a wide variety of aspects of the game that we have yet to see in action. The video shows off a wide variety of new backgrounds, character costumes, and even new versions of the classic characters. Following in the footsteps laid by Zombie Lui Kang, the new Mortal Kombat will now include zombie versions of all of the characters in the game. In the video below, you can get your first look at the zombie versions of Goro, Liu Kang, and Sonya. Players aso get their first look at Shao Kahn in action in the video.

Source: IGN 

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