Welcome to the 2009 Sackies!

by: Jeremy -
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Over the course of the final few weeks of 2009, Media Molecule was busy reviewing all of the various user-created levels that gamers made using their incredible title Little Big Planet for the PlayStation 3.  LBP is an an incredible game on its own right, but gets exponentially better by putting the work into it, as known by any one who has taken the time to create their own levels in the game.  If you have browsed the game's in-game browser of user submitted content in the game you know just how amazing some of the things that gamers are capable of creating can be.  You can view the entire list of winners on the official US PlayStation Blog which can be found at this link.  There are embedded videos included showing you just what the game is capable of when gamers put the time and work into it...

In order to give you a little taste of the quality of creations that were awarded by Media Molecule, here is one of my favorites which was the NeoGaf community's Contra remake:

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