Welcome Back Ms. Croft

by: Chuck -
More On: Tomb Raider Legend
Eidos has released a demo of their upcoming game Tomb Raider: Legend on Xbox Live.  The demo while not perfect indicates that Eidos has learned their lessons from the disaster that was Angel of Darkness and actually put together a very solid and very fun game.  I played through the first part of the demo and it's actually a very good looking game although the model for Lara Croft looks a bit off.  I'm not sure if this is an homage to the earlier games but it's a bit of a contrast to the wonderfully crafted world around her.  The demo itself weighs in at a little over 630MB and features what looks to be the first level of the game.  The controls are sharp and the gun combat is very nice.  The only problems I had were some camera control issues and getting Lara to jump the right way on one of the chain puzzles, other than that it was a blast to play.  BTW, are realistic physics puzzles ever going to get old?  I'm not sure that they will for at least another year or so.
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