WebLords beta registration begins

by: Marissa -
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Today WebWars introduced WebLords, a FTP browser-based PvP game. The fantasy-based game turns the internet itself into a big old game of Risk, as players team up and battle one another for control of any website. 
"WebLords is quite possibly the ultimate online strategy/role-playing game as it can be played anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection and an easy to download browser plug-in," said Cindy Armstrong, CEO, WebWars, LLC.  "Whether at home, in the office or on the road, layered reality games add new, exciting forms of entertainment to surfing the Web.  We look forward to offering WebLords to players for the first time with the beta test and listening to their feedback as the game gets closer to launch."
If you're interested in signing up for the beta, head to http://www.web-lords.com.  So far the Flash-based game works with IE and Firefox, but additional browser support is incoming.  
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