WebLords beta gets new features and fixes plus free in game cash

by: Ben Berry -
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So, I tried the WebLords beta a couple weeks ago and it's an interesting idea; you battle for control of domain names across the web. You pick the type of army you want to build, and use that army to attack a domain name. If no one controls it, you battle a pitance of a defensive force and win. If it's a popular domain like yahoo.com, expect the domain to be owned by a strong army. The more popular the web site, the more bountiful it's resources.

The folks at Electric Bat announced several new features and fixes, and most importantly a bunch of free in game cash for new and returning beta testers to build up their armies with.
Based on user feedback, we have made some big updates to WebLords that we're excited to tell you about. And, we've given you free game cash to spend any way you'd like during the Beta! 

New Features 

New WebLords features include:
  • Store - On the Empire page, we have now added a tab on the left side to lead you to the WebLords 'Store'.
  • Suggested Sites - We've added a 'Suggested Sites' button to your Owned Sites list so you can more easily find sites that are vulnerable to your attack.
  • Contested Sites - This button in your Owned Sites list will show you where the biggest battles are taking place so you can get in on the action.
  • Featured Sites - Also in your Owned Sites list, the new 'Feature Sites' button will show you sites that are the most valuable so that you can better plan an attack against them.
  • Empire Graphics Enhanced - Check out your Empire to see the new and improved graphics.
Introducing the WebLords Store - and Free Wurl Bucks! 

The WebLords store is open for business, and we need your help to test it out! We have recently added an in-game Store to make it possible for you to further customize your Hero, decrease build time of the buildings in your Empire, access more potions and obtain higher quality equipment. For the Store's Grand Opening, we will be giving you 5000 Wurl Bucks. Spend these on any items you choose. Visit the Store off of the left-hand side of your Empire page to check it out and begin shopping.

*All Wurl Bucks and items purchased during the WebLords beta period will not carry over to the live game. 

For New Players 

If you have not already joined the WebLords beta test, you can create a beta account at:https://account-beta.playwurl.com. 

To start the account creation process, click the "New Players" button. Fill out the required information and check the box to accept the User Agreement. (Note: You must use the email address you applied for beta with!). Once you successfully submit your information, your account should be created with the email and password you specified. On the next page that opens, click "WebLords", then follow the instructions to install the game and begin playing.

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