We don't have to boycott E3, ESA drops support for SOPA

by: John -
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Following the shelving of SOPA and PIPA, Kotaku reports that the ESA has dropped their support for the two, something they should've done a long time ago.

You had many companies in the ESA opposing the two, it's about time the ESA did the same. We've seen one company decide to boycott E3 because of the ESA's past support of SOPA and PIPA. Now that they've dropped support, I wonder if Red 5 will reconsider and go back to one of the biggest shows for gaming.

I've seen on Twitter about some journalists thinking of boycotting E3, but I had a feeling this was just mostly talk. Well, they could've said some folks were boycotting, i.e. the ones that didn't get a ticket to the show. Now that this is official, we should all be back to normal and stop all this silly SOPA and PIPA talk.

Do you think it's a little late for the ESA to drop support for the two though given the events of today?
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