Watch the 2010 PGA Championship in 3D courtesy of NVIDIA

by: John -
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The GeForce 3D Vision isn't just for games as they can be used to watch some programming or view pictures in 3D. The 2010 PGA Championship is going to be shown in glorious 3D and you can get the details from the PGA website.

I tried to use the setup to view the previous golf tournament that was broadcast in 3D but the minimum 10mbps connection just wasn't going to happen. This time around, you'll only need 700kpbs to view the content but 3.5mbps is recommended. Certainly a lot more reasonable requirement this time around. It's also using Silverlight to deliver the video, which I think is different from the past PGA 3D event.

I'm definitely going to check it out and you can view the broadcast in 3D should you have all the necesssary equipment August 12 and 13 between 3PM and 7PM ET.

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