Watch Game of Thrones (or any other HBO program) on your console at some point in the future

by: Nathaniel -
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According to, HBO's streaming service HBO Go will be coming to your favorite console.  No time table has been announced yet, however.  HBO Go allows streaming of pretty much all current HBO content to your PC and/or your iPhone/iPad/Android (the app has been downloaded 4 million times).  The best part is that it is free to those of us who already have HBO subscriptions; though, for some strange reason, they don't offer HBO Go to Time Warner Cable customers (Time Warner owns HBO, which is like Sprite inventing a killer new drink formulation and sharing it with Pepsi before Coke), so I'm looking forward to getting it on my Xbox 360.  Right now, the entire first season of Game of Thrones is living on my DVR, and taking up a lot of space, so I need an excuse to delete them and HBO Go will be cheaper than the DVD set, I'm sure.  
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