Wasteland 2 delayed, but doesn't need more money

by: John -
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Wasteland 2 was another one of those gaming Kickstarter success stories that got a ton more money than it asked for. With that extra money, many stretch goals were added. The game was scheduled to come out in October, but that's not going to happen.

An update by the team has detailed that they are six weeks behind and only the beta will be out in October now. Unlike the Kickstarter for Double Fine's game, inXile isn't asking for more money or splitting the game up, they are just asking for more time. Wasteland 2 is, as they say, "well financed for development" and they won't be taking anything out when they ship the game.

So, while it's a little disappointing to see a game delayed, it's not uncommon and at least they don't need more money.

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