Warriors of Rock controller revealed

by: John -
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Gizmodo has the first looks at the new guitar that will be part of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. From the design, it looks like it's built for a high level of customizations as all the electronics are built into the neck and fretboard. What's missing though, and I don't know if the new Guitar Hero is doing away with it, is the slider area. I'm not one that used it that much though but we'll know in a week if they indeed removed that feature from the upcoming game.

It looks kind of interesting and while I have all the guitars I need, I think we'll be seeing a lot of custom bodies coming out for this guy. A minor disappointing news is there's no lead in to draw power from the guitar so if anyone wants to do glowing bodies, they'll have to make it with a separate power source. Given that everything's contained in the neck and fretboard, there should be plenty of room though to allow another battery compartment should a company decide to do one.

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