Warren Spector talks about Epic Mickey

by: John -
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Warren Spector's known for some innovative FPS/RPG hybrids but he's moving into new territory with Epic Mickey. Game Informer has a very lengthy interview with Warren talking about the game and there's some good information in there. It's pretty funny how it all came about with Warren going into a meeting trying to pitch them Deux Ex-like game to a company that caters to little kids.

What's neat is they decided to talk to him about a Mickey game that would make it relevant to the older audiences and they had something in mind but needed a developer. To do this the man walked away from a game he was developing with legendary director, John Woo, which was going to be a movie as well. Tough thing to do.

Anyways, cool stuff and it also talks why the game's only coming to the Wii and not the PS3, 360, or PC.
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