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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning wants to get you drunk

by: Marissa -
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Soon after being hit with 1.3.2, and overall performance enhancing patch, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is getting patched again with 1.3.3.

1.3.3 brings a variety of new gameplay features, such as:
  • The Underdog System - Grants a ramping RvR handicap to under-populated realms, making it easier for them to take objectives and zones.
  • Bloom and HDR Lighting - Makes WAR look all pretty by enabling post processing visual effects
  • The WAR Report - Gives players updates on all RvR and PvE events, as well as introducing a new "instant action" teleport ability
WAR is also celebrating the holidays with the 2nd Annual Keg End Live Event, which runs from December 16th-January 4th. In celebration of the Dwarf New Year, players can earn exclusive in-game rewards like the titles "Brew Hound" for Order and "Broo Dog" for Destruction. You may also win a deployable Party Keg used to raise morale gain rate, and a Keg Tap with career-specific stats. Rare World Drop Items include the Battlebrew Backpack and your own personal servant to tote your keg around (the Dwarf Keg Handler for Order, the Goblin Bar-Back for Destruction).

Patch notes and event details are here:
·         Patch 1.3.3: http://herald.warhammeronline.com/patchnotes/index.php?id=2009_1-3-3
·         Keg End Live Event: http://herald.warhammeronline.com/liveevents/2009KegEnd.php