Wargaming.net and Arise merge

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Wargaming.net, the folks that brought us the Massive Assault series of strategy games, has merged with the Russian-based  Arise, an independent PC game developer, to become one of the largest game dev studios in Eastern Europe.  CEO of Wargaming.net Viktor Kislyi reports that this nearly doubles the company's size, they'll fly under the Wargaming.net banner, and continue working in the strategy and RPG arenas.


New Orleans, LA - November 16, 2007 - Wargaming.net, Inc., a strategy game development company, well-known by its highly-acclaimed Massive Assault series, today announced a merger deal with Arise, an independent PC game developer. The united company will operate one of the biggest game development studios in Eastern Europe. The titles will be released under Wargaming.net brand.

The synergy of talent, proprietary technologies, and vast experience will ensue the company's leading position in certain genres.

"This merger enhances Wargaming.net's position as the leading strategy and RPG developer" - said Viktor Kislyi, the CEO of Wargaming.net - "with our resources almost doubled, we will put more energy into creating cutting-edge proprietary technology and building new brands."

According to the Arise CEO Fedor Mukhin, the integration will strengthen the company by consolidation of all positions and corporate resources.

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