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While this isn't the normal type of news we come across from the staff at Wargaming.net since we love covering World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, this does pique the interest of those interested in the historical background of the games that are covered by the studio.  A global launch that is drawing focus on the Dornier 17 aircraft in the form of an augmented reality application occurred, meaning that Wargaming is officially working with the RAF (Royal Air Force Museum) to basically keep the final plane in the model's existence alive.  It's quite the undertaking for the gaming studio, but I applaud them in their effort since they are all about historical backgrounds of the craft that they implement into their games.

Wargaming and RAF Museum Expand Dornier 17 Exhibition Globally with Augmented Reality App

January 29, 2014 — Wargaming today announced the global launch of an augmented reality application drawing focus on the Dornier 17 aircraft currently in exhibition at the RAF Museum in Cosford, Shropshire, United Kingdom.

Working with the Royal Air Force Museum, Wargaming set out in October of 2013 to recover the only known surviving Dornier Do17 aircraft. Success saw the opening of the “Wargaming.net Interpretation Zone” at the RAF Museum, where visitors can examine the aircraft undergoing renovation and learn more of its colorful history and important role during World War II.

The newly launched application, named Apparition, will take that interpretation to a new interactive level using augmented reality to view a virtual version of the aircraft flying over the museum, as well as other historical information.

To celebrate the launch of the Apparition application, both the RAF Museum and Wargaming encourage the public to be the first to view the Dornier 17 in their own part of the world. Scattered around the globe are hundreds of virtual locations where users of the application can view and take photos of their Dornier 17 and upload them online for a chance to have their photo be part of the next Wargaming.net Interpretation Zone, scheduled to launch at the RAF Museum London in 2014.

“As a global games company that specializes in distributing digital content to every corner of the world, we are delighted to partner with the Royal Air Force Museum,” said Tracy Spaight, Special Projects Director at Wargaming. “Taking the Dornier outside the museum walls and bringing it to people all over the world is truly taking this great experience and bringing the museum directly to people around the world.”

For more information on the Apparition application, virtual plane locations, submission process, and other information, visit http://www.do17.co.

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