Wargame Red Dragon combat will make you dizzy in this pre-launch day video

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This video is nuts. Just ahead of tomorrow's launch day, Wargame Red Dragon doesn't pull any punches in this frightening showcase of global military machines. It's jets, it's helicopters, it's tanks, it's ships—it's straight up mayhem. Doomsday might look something kind of like this video. And while the trailer would run too long if it featured all 1,450 of the game's unit types, it does its level best to give you a runner's high of modern warfare imagery.

Wargame Red Dragon launches tomorrow, April 17, on PC, leaving you only a few hours to snag that 25 percent off sale on Steam.

Wargame Red Dragon: the Launch Trailer!

The explosive RTS is back, prepare to embark for Asia tomorrow!

Wargame Red Dragon, the latest episode in the spectacular RTS series created by Eugen Systems, will be available tomorrow in stores and to download! To celebrate this event, we are pleased to unveil the game's explosive launch trailer!

Wargame Red Dragon is even more ambitious than AirLand Battle, and offers a vast array of content that is rich in new features. For the first time ever in Wargame, the ground and airborne forces will be joined by warships! The naval forces in Red Dragon are not merely extra units - they bring an additional strategic depth to the game that will unlock fresh tactical opportunities for any commanders smart enough to exploit their strength, particularly on the designated game maps.

Wargame Red Dragon retains the basic game mechanics that made the series so successful, but now shifts the theater of war to a more exotic setting: Asia! Over 650 new units (a total of 1,450!) and meticulously detailed and varied battlefields provide an immense strategic depth and a new dynamic campaign system and intense multiplayer modes, where up to 20 players can compete simultaneously, make Wargame Red Dragon a worthy successor to AirLand Battle.

Wargame Red Dragon will be available tomorrow, so players of AirLand Battle have only one day left to pre-order the game and snap up the special 25% discount offer!



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