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by: Sean M -
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Paradox Interactive has recently just released a new trailer for War of the Roses which highlights the abilities of ranged units. 

The rather bloody footage certainly catches your attention. I'm hoping it will be similar to Skyrim or Oblivion, in that you can sneak around and pick your enemies off from afar.

There was also footage released from a tournament that was held in San Francisco, which gives further details about the game.

This game looks like it is going to be awesome, and I am certainly going to pick it up when it is released later this year. If you would like more information, head on over to their site for more details.

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NEW YORK — July 31, 2012 — Paradox Interactive has new videos to share of War of the Roses, pieced together from the bloody remains of last week's tour & tournament in San Francisco. A new trailer introduces the world to the ranged units appearing in the medieval combat game, along with several painful reminders of how arrows interact with faces at high speed.

In addition, footage from the tournament itself is now online on the Paradox Interactive channel on TwitchTV, allowing viewers to relive every bloody, gruesome moment of the mayhem, and share in the hard-won victory by the Twitch team.

War of the Roses, an upcoming exercise in medieval multiplayer mayhem, pits players against one another in roving squads of armored knights, unleashing their fury on a variety of battlefields in painful, real-time combat. Sign-ups for the upcoming Beta are still being accepted at the following link: http://www.waroftherosesthegame.com/

To view the new ranged unit trailer (“Death before Dishonor” part 3), please visit: http://youtu.be/FHUwfONmSUg

To watch the tournament footage, please visit the Paradox Interactive channel on Twitch TV: http://www.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive/b/326483898
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