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Paradox Interactive has recently released their newest free content update for War of the Roses entitled "Winter Has Arrived".  The update contains new armor and weapons, as well as two new snow-covered maps that are based on the battles of Wakefield and Twoton.  Along with the update (released on the 19th), players can also get the Dagger and Sword of Mary for Christ's Mass, and both of those weapons are available today at a special holiday price.  However, that special price expires on December 26th.

Like a lot of other games, War of the Roses is currently on sale through Steam for $22.49, and for a few dollars more you can pick up the deluxe version that includes a Plate Cuirass, Royal Helm, and a few other items.  That sale goes through January 5th.

"Winter has Arrived" in War of the Roses with New Content Launching on Dec. 19

Trailer showing new Wakefield map released, live stream coming Dec. 20

NEW YORK — December 17, 2012 — The battles between the houses of York and Lancaster show no signs of slowing down, with heroic knights remaining locked in combat as the cold winter months begin. Paradox Interactive has announced that the newest free content update for War of the Roses, entitled “Winter Has Arrived,” will be available Dec. 19 and includes new armor and weaponry, plus two brand new snow-covered maps based on the historic battles of Wakefield and Towton.

The truly pious will also be able to wield the Dagger and Sword of Mary for Christ’s Mass, inspired by medieval depictions of the Virgin Mary, laden with holy symbols. Both weapons will be available Friday, Dec. 21, at a special holiday price. But that mercy will expire on Dec. 26, at which point the prices will rise to the cost of a King's bounty!

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