War of Roses Dev Diary 3: contest edition

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Paradox has another dev diary for War of Roses, detailing the, ahem, excruciating detail and research done by the developers at Fatshark. Not only that, but Paradox is running a contest for the game where you can design your own personal coat of arms. If your submitted work of art is chosen then it will be added into game via DLC after the release. So hey, go crazy--a coat of arms is an opportunity to glorify obscure family trivia, honor potentially goofy traditions and have it all held up in a respected medieval fashion. Check out the dev diary below, and then hit the jump for contest details.

Get Inside the Developers’ Armor in New War of the Roses Video
Get the Chance to Design Your Coat of Arms and Have it in the Game

NEW YORK — September 21, 2012 — Paradox Interactive and Fatshark today released the latest video in their behind-the-scenes series documenting the design and creation of War of the Roses. The forthcoming medieval combat title required senior producer Gordon Van Dyke and lead designer Mårten Stormdal to undertake rigorous research and combat training, and spend several days pretending to be kings. That grueling experience is now available to witness on video below:

In addition, the War of the Roses team has issued a challenge, in the form of a competition, to see who can truly inspire terror on the battleground just by their look alone. Paradox is looking for the most historically inspired charge—the decorative design on a shield or coat of arms—with the selected winner having their own charge featured in War of the Roses after launch. And please keep in mind, those these charges will be splattered in blood, let’s keep them “clean” until then. Contest details and submission guidelines can be viewed here: http://goo.gl/G3AEj

To pre-order War of the Roses, visit the website www.waroftherosesthegame.com
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