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War Z pulled from Steam

by: John -
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War Z's had a rocky start. From using the League of Legends TOS to the recent blatant lying about the features they have in their game, it's gotten a ton of bad publicity yet still shot off to the top of the Steam charts.

Well, it looks like the party is over for now. Kotaku reports that Valve has pulled the game from the Steam store and the CEO of Hammerpoint says it's just to make their listing 100% accurate. I don't know about you, but putting in the features that you currently have in the game shouldn't be that hard. 

When I heard you could pay money to change the respawn time from 4 hours to immediately, I knew that the rage was going to go over the top on this one. Before it was one hour to respawn, which still sounds extreme. Four hours is just ridiculous seeing as you pay for the game and have to wait a quarter of a day to play again should you die.

I know War Z's trying to ride the success of DayZ, but all of this just feels like a quick money grab to me. I'm going to be staying far away from this game. And if you're not convinced there's something wrong with the game, check out this jaw dropping interview on Gamespy.