Want to really 'play' like Tiger? GameCrush might be just for you...

by: Ben Berry -
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So, we now know that Tiger is just as happy trying to score a hole-in-one on or off the golf course. In fact, with two more girls coming out of the woodwork today, you could almost make a Tiger themed 18 hole course. And we've learned that most of these gals got paid for their "efforts" on Tigers behalf.

Want to really be like Tiger? Enter GameCrush, a "social networking" site that allows you to pay to play PC and Xbox 360 games against girls. The marketing is that the cost to play a game is $8.95 to purchase credits to use on the site; about the cost of a higher end drink at a club. This gets you 6 to 10 minutes of game time. The girls keep 60% of the money, and it's free for ladies to sign up.

Now I'm not saying I've ever been in a lower end strip club, but for arguments sake let's say I have. In many of these places, the girl will ask you to buy her a drink, which includes a lap dance. The quality and length of the dance is wholy dependant on how much you spend on the drink.

In the end, this comes off as little more than a pay-per-minute porn site for guys who get of more on beating (or getting beat by) a girl in Halo than seeing her in her skivvies. And based on the model they're establishing, there's nothing to say you might not be able to do both (Although not at the same time if you're playing on the 360).

You can get more details from the IGN story.
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