Want to join the Gaming Nexus team?

by: Jeremy -
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Well... do you?

The time is upon us where we need to grow our staff by a writer or two and for that, we’re reaching out to our readers.  Writing for Gaming Nexus is strictly a volunteer effort, but it does have its perks. In addition to working with a great stuff and meeting some great people in the industry, you will will get a chance to hone your skills as a writer and build up a nice portfolio that could help you make that jump further into the industry.

We need a couple of people to help us deliver 1-2 news items each day and review some products that we will send to you. We are particularly interested in those that can review items for the PC platform. If you're interested, send Chuck or John an email detailing your writing experiences as well as the systems you can write for. Please include samples of your work as well.

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