Want the Crackdown 2 demo early?

by: Jeremy -
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Well? You can get it early if you are willing to put in a little work. Microsoft is running a promotion that will allow gamers to earn access to the beta for the upcoming Crackdown 2 prior to its official release.

In order to get the game, the first thing that you will need is a smartphone. Once you have that handy, just head on over to Microsoft and download the Microsoft Tag Reader to your phone. Are you still with me? Ok, now just head on over and check out this Amazon video; at the end of the video you will be shown a code which you will need to scan using your new Tag Reader software on your smartphone. Shortly after you have scanned in the code you will receive a text message that will start you on your journey.

Your job will be to track down a total of 5 “orb-shaped” codes... think of it as a scavenger hunt of sorts. The clues that you need to collect are scattered throughout various retailers such as Gamestop and Best Buy. Each code will send texts to your phone that will give you clues as to the next location you need to venture to... and once all 5 codes have been collected, you will get a code to access the Crackdown 2 demo earlier than everyone else. As for the rest of the world, who aren’t willing to jump through hoops to get the demo (including myself), the demo is expected to hit the Live marketplace sometime next month.

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