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Want $50,000? Then pay attention

by: Adam -
More On: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10
Are you a creative person?  Do you often spend your time watching viral videos thinking how you could've done better?  If you answered yes to those questions then you're the ideal entrant for the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Viral Challenge where your video could win you $50,000!  By my calculations that's like...10,000 twinkies and a several dozen video games.  If you think you have the chops to best the previous viral video then I suggest you head on over to the the game's website for more info, the asset kit you need to use to make your viral creation, and how to apply.  The top five videos will be shown to the public who will then determine the winner by voting on the game's website.  Here are the dates you may want to remember:

5/7-7/1, Asset kit available and submissions accepted
7/2-7/15, EA Sports panel judging
7/16- 7/30, Top 5 videos are shown to the public for voting
8/16, the lucky winner is chosen