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Red Faction Guerrilla (one of the best games of the year if you haven't checked it out yet) will be getting a new batch of DLC on October 1st.  The "Smasher Pack" will include eight new Wrecking Crew maps and a new Behemoth mode which will allow you to use the walkers from the game in the Wrecking Crew mode.  

This is a pretty solid addition to the game, especially when it only costs 400 points.  Here's a video from Volition that shows off some footage from the DLC as well as an internal challenge between a few of the guys on the development team.

THQ and Volition are proud to announce our third DLC package for Red Faction Guerrilla, the “Smasher Pack”, coming soon for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Available on October 1st, the Smasher Pack contains 8 new maps for our couch multiplayer mode Wrecking Crew, along with a brand new “Behemoth” mode which will allow players to switch out the usual weapons for something a little more intimidating – Walkers. Each of the three main Walkers found in the single-player campaign for Red Faction Guerrilla will now be available for use in “Behemoth” mode, which include:

- Heavy Mining Walker – Slow but powerful, this Walker can take down a building in seconds with a few arm swings.

- Light Mining Walker – With the addition of jump jets, this fast-paced Walker is agile and suited for taking down smaller buildings.

- Combat Walker – Replace speed and power with an explosive rocket arsenal, and you’ve got a Walker that can attack anything near or far.

The Smasher Pack is priced at 400 MS Points on Xbox LIVE or $4.99 via the PlayStation Network.

Internally at Volition, we’ve been play-testing Behemoth mode on and off for a while, but always found that some healthy competition allows for a more invigorating experience. Our healthy competition overflowed a little bit this time around, resulting in a few wagers surrounding who would come out on top within the new mode. We ended up digging out a few video cameras and created an internal Developer Diary based around the new DLC, along with an internal look at Volition and their employees.

Included in the information below are FTP details on how to download Part 1 of the video, and I’ll be sending out details next week on how to obtain Parts 2 and 3, since we don’t want to spoil the surprise right away. If you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time. Everyone here hopes both you and your readers enjoy this video and continue to look forward to our third DLC pack for Red Faction Guerrilla, releasing on October 1st.

Please remember that since this is a video for an M-Rated game, we request that you add an age gate for 18+ in order to view the video.
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