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by: Sean Colleli -
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Has there ever been a better product tie-in? Sony will be releasing a specially styled camouflage Walkman, just in time for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. it's the W250 Series 2 GB model and as you can see it's pretty slick looking, with a few stylistic similarities to the MGS4 Bluetooth earpiece. It also comes preloaded with the Peace Walker soundtrack, which for now is the only way to get the OST in the States. It also comes with a coupon code to download extra character designs and Walkman apparel in Peace Walker. Heh, I guess that would make it a Peace Walkman.


Stylish New Walkman W Series features pre-loaded “METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER” Soundtrack, comes packaged with coupon code for special game characters

Subject: Media Alert: Sony Announces New Wearable, Water Resistant “METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER” Themed W250 Series Walkman® MP3 Player

WHO: The new Sony Walkman W Series, model NWZ-W252, features a convenient lightweight, wearable and water resistant design. New camouflaged styled KONAMI’s “METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER” version allows for exclusive access to original designed characters.

WHAT: The new Sony Walkman W250 Series features a wearable, lightweight and water-resistant frame that ensures proper functionality during extended periods of activity inside or outside.

The “METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER” themed Walkman comes pre-loaded with the video game soundtrack, available nowhere else in the U.S. Additionally, the limited edition version comes packaged with a coupon code, allowing gamers to unlock original designed characters and special Walkman apparel.

With 2 GB of maximum capacity, the new Walkman W Series can hold approximately 470 songs (4 minute length MP3 playback at 128 kbps). The model also features a quick charge function, allowing for up to 90 minutes of use from only three minutes of charge time. Full battery life is approximately 11 hours.

Additionally, the new Walkman comes with Content Transfer software, allowing you to move music files of playlists straight from your PC or iTunes™ library (not including DRM files). Just click on a file, then drag and drop into Content Transfer.

WHERE: The “METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER” themed Sony W Series Walkman will be available in June for about $60 at www.sonystyle.com and Sony Style retail stores nationwide.
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