WWE exclusive PS3 content coming in January…not overly impressive

by: Dan -
More On: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009
The Official Playstation Blog announced yesterday some details on the exclusive content for WWE SmackDown Vs Raw 2009 that is coming to the PlayStation 3. The “Roster Update Pack 01” for the PS3 (and Xbox 360) will cost $4.99 and include three new playable superstars (Ted DiBiase, Evan Bourne and Charlie Haas) and alternate costume for Chris Jericho (for both platforms). The exclusive PS3 content is five costumes and ring attire for Kelly Kelly, Maria Santa, Masked Kane, MVP and Edge. I have to say that this exclusive content for the PS3 is just a step above pathetic. At least get an exclusive wrestler or something, I mean how much could Koko B. Ware cost to license…
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