WWE ‘12 already announcing DLC

by: Jeremy -
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THQ is already announcing DLC packs for the upcoming WWE ‘12. The game doesn’t launch until November 22 but we already know 4 of the superstars coming in the first post-launch DLC.

The first pack will contain Shawn Michaels, Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, and Jim Ross. I can see myself investing in the pack simply to be able to incorporate Michael Cole into a variety of playable storylines in the story creator, with his pumpkin-orange singlet. The pack will also contain alternate attires for existing wrestlers in the game including the Road Warriors and Edge & Christian. Hopefully this includes their Los Conquistadores outfits and the corresponding theme music (I can dream can’t I).

Who else would you like to see come down the line in terms of DLC for the game’s roster? Let us know.

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