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The latest trailer from THQ for the upcoming WWE All Stars breaks down the the four character types that will be featured in the game. The roster of characters will be split into four distinct classes based on their fighting style(s): brawler, grappler, acrobat, and big man.

It is pretty obvious to figure out which superstars fit into each of the categories, but I think that the inclusion of a “big man” class raises some questions. Surely the game will include more than just 2 characters for the class; we already know that Big Show and Andre the Giant are in the game and this particular class, but who else? Perhaps the likes of the Undertaker and / or Kane will join them on the current superstar side of things, but from a classic standpoint there are many names that should be considered. Perhaps we are going to see King Kong Bundy, Earthquake, Big John Studd, or even Vader.

The trailer also gives us a glimpse of some of the alternate attires utilized in the game, particularly Hulk Hogan’s Hollywood persona and the vintage style Andre the Giant shown at the beginning. I really hope that they carry these alternate variations over to the current stars two and highlight some of their older outfits, like perhaps the Rock as Rocky Miavia or John Cena as the Prototype. Wishful thinking I know, but I can wish...

Check it out:

Source: GoNintendo

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