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WWE All Stars gameplay has me excited

by: Jeremy -
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THQ has released a new video which is actually the first in a series that will introduce each character class of the upcoming WWE All Stars. While the actual names of the classes have already been revealed, this new video series will highlight the various aspects and traits of each class that sets them apart from the rest. The first class up, the acrobats.

In the acrobats video shown below, viewers get a chance to see a match between John Morrison and Shawn Michaels in its entirety. As you can see, this certainly isn’t Smackdown vs. Raw... this is about as “arcade” as they come. The action in WWE All Stars is frantic and over the top and resembles more of a fighting game than a wrestler. I love the ease in which appears you can counter and flow moves into one another; as the commentary during the video mentions, nearly everything in the game and be countered, and that includes counters themselves. This game just looks like a blast... I cannot wait until the end of the month: