WWE All Stars cover outs more characters

by: Jeremy -
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THQ has revealed the cover art for the upcoming WWE All Stars, which you can view below. The cover outs three previously unannounced characters: Randy Orton, Ultimate Warrior, and perhaps the biggest surprise of all, Hulk Hogan.

Most people aren’t surprised to see Hulk Hogan included in the lineup considering his history with the company... but as a fan who follows the current wrestling product, his inclusion is completely out of left field. At the current time, Hulk Hogan is actually an employee of WWE’s main competition TNA Wrestling. It is very strange for a company, particularly the WWE, to include someone from their competition in their product(s). This is something that they have shied away from in the past with some of their games, but why not this time around? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when THQ pitched his inclusion to the WWE...

Source: Nintendo Everything

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