WWE All Stars: Inside the steel cage

by: Jeremy -
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THQ’s latest video for WWE All Stars showcases the insane action that takes place inside the confines of the steel cage. In the developer interview shown below, gamers witness a total brawl between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio while lead developer David Friedland gives insight on the on gameplay involving the steel cage.

The steel cage takes the game back to the old days by only awarding victory to those superstars who manage to make their way out of the ring. There are no pinfalls or submissions within the cage in WWE All Stars, you either escape or die trying. The cage gives players another tool for destruction by allowing them to springboard off of both the sides and the top at will, taking the already intense action up yet another notch. It really looks like cage matches will take some time to complete as your opponents don’t seem to stay down on the mat too long, making it easy for them to contest your exit.

Just a few more weeks to go...

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