WWE 13's producer talks about WWE '15 and working on the next gen console

by: John -
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There was a WWE '13 press event in Los Angeles over the weekend as THQ was showing off their latest wrestling game. The game looks pretty nice and I love that it's going back to the Attitude Era.

Senior Producer Arnaud Frey did an interview with Jeux Video Magazine talking about the game, but also talking about the game coming out in two years. While the interview is in French, the one thing that a lot of people are going to take out of it is that he talks about working on WWE '15, which will be for the next generation system. While WWE '14 will be for the current systems out there, work has already begun on WWE '15 for new systems. He also mentions that they will be announced at E3 of next year.

Now, this isn't earth shattering news as a ton of folks figured that the new systems would be announced next year. And, we've had various leaks of various types going on in the past year. Some real, some fake of course. In any case, here's a company that's gone on record saying that they're working on next generation system games and have given a time fame on when they will be announced.