WAKFU introduces us to Cra character class

by: Nathaniel -
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Today Square Enix has released a trailer showing off the Cra character class for their new free-to-play MMORPG, WAKFU.  WAKFU is a tactical turn-based game that will be available for download in February.  Along with the ftp model, players can pay six dollars a month for access to premium content while a microtransaction store will offer cosmetic items.  Gameplay features include 12 character classes, strategic combat, crafting, and, strangely, national politics.  As you'll see, Cra, whose motto is "pride and precision," specializes in long-range combat (or at least her disciples do) and accordingly are geared toward archer characters.  For more information, visit www.wakfu.com/na/mmorpg, Facebook, and Twitter.

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